. Two PostDoc fellowship positions available

Two Post-Doctoral positions are available immediately in the laboratory of Stephane Angers in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (www.angerslab.org), University of Toronto, to develop strategies to inhibit developmental signalling pathways in cancer.

Our laboratory is studying the genetic circuitry important for cancer development to identify vulnerabilities that could be harnessed for the development of new medicine. Our approach involves genome-wide CRISPR functional screens, which we perform in cancer cell lines and primary cells to identify context-dependent fitness genes important for cancer cell growth. Our recent work identified the Wnt receptor Frizzled-5 as being essential for the growth of a subset of pancreatic cancers (Steinhart et al, Nature Medicine 2017). In collaboration with the group of Dr. Sachdev Sidhu we are developing synthetic antibodies targeting Wnt components and other cell surface proteins involved in cancer progression.

We are looking for a highly motivated, self-directed postdoctoral fellow with strong team capabilities. Preference will be given to candidate that recently obtained their Ph.D (less than 12 months) and that have a keen interest to develop and independent research program in the areas of genomics, cell signaling and cancer biology. The ideal candidate will have a strong publication record as a first author in the field of cancer biology with expertise in either organoid models, mouse models, cell signaling or antibody development.

Please submit your application as a single PDF document to stephane.angers@angerslab.org with the following information: a cover letter, statement of interest, and CV with contact details for 3 referees.

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